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Friday, August 17, 2012

West Nile Outbreak in Dallas

I'm sure most  you have heard of the West Nile epidemic in Texas, mostly in the DFW area.  300+ cases, 15 deaths so far. Dallas, and the suburbs south of us, have finally started aerial spraying. Our neighborhood is gated, so our HOA does it's own spraying. There are several lakes and creeks here, as well as a wetlands nature 
area. We try to eliminate standing water in our yards, and to balance what is good for the human residents, as well as the plentiful fauna in the area.  

I must say, with all due modesty, that mosquitoes LOVE me!  I show up outside, and they all come running! This is my back-up protection..my screened porch!  A soul soothing place...and mosquito free.

Hopefully, this epidemic will be resolved without further infections, or deaths.


  1. Patsy, we have it here and they started spraying this year. Mosquitoes love me too, usually I use a antibug spray but lately I have been forgetting it. The spraying really destroyed our birds, cardinals and blue jays were missing for a while. Hope it gets better. xo

  2. I saw that on the news here. That is just plain scary, isn't it? And deadly-not just making people sick but killing them. We don't have a lot of mosquitoes here, thank goodness- Hope they get the problem resolved soon- xo Diana

  3. Patsy,

    Try using REAL lavender essence - it is a wonderful mosquito repellent...I use one of those aromatherapy oil burners with it when outdoors, and also put a little on my wrists and back of knees and they seem to really leave me be.

    Also eat garlic - they're not fans of it.

    Will be praying for Texas! Stay well!

  4. I worry about that chemical spraying. Does it not also kill the creatures that eat mosquitoes? Sometimes, chemicals sprayed willy-nilly makes me nervous, I hope it kills the mosquitoes without doing any damage to other living things.

  5. Patsy,
    I was just reading about the spraying in the Dallas area this morning. I'm like you, mosquitoes love to chew on me every time I'm out. I've been making it a point from about 5:00pm on, that I don't have anymore outdoor activities. That seems to be about the time they are all buzzing around. Glad you have a screened in porch to enjoy the views without the attacks.

  6. This is so scary! I did hear that on the news. Heard there have been a couple of cases in Houston too. We live about an hour away and I'm staying inside. Wish I had a pretty screened in porch like yours! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. This is so scary! I always worry about infectious diseases like this and our baby had a major allergic reaction to mosquito spray so I don't know how to protect her, but keep her indoors!

  8. Patty,
    Sure hope you'al are going to be ok in all of this, you really can't do to much to protect yourself from that horrible West Nile. When we get home we will have to do what you'al are doing I am sure. Take care now!
    Miz Helen

  9. No house in the South should be without a screened porch.Yours looks lovely!

  10. Yikes, we in Calcutta (India) have something similar going on, but its way deadlier. Have you ever heard of Dengue??