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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Emma Ruth's Family Recipes Restaurant

 My youngest son, David, had been asking me about family recipes for a few months.   He is the one who made the Red Beans and Rice in an earlier post.  There had been some casual talk about opening a restaurant, using family recipes to make from scratch dishes.  Everyone thought naming it for his, and wife Kim's grandmothers, the inspiration and origin of many of the recipes, was a good idea.  That, in a nutshell, mixed with his entrepreneurial spirit, is how Emma Ruth's Family Recipes restaurant was born. The doors opened at the end of February, and I am proud to report that the cooked from scratch, home cooking restaurant has been quite successful so far.  The food is very good.  If you are even in Bentonville Arkansas, stop in for a good meal, or just to say hey, y'all!

Many of the recipes for their dishes are on this blog.  I am proud of you, David and Kim!


  1. Congrats to those kids! That is no small feat to run and operate a restaurant. Good for them for giving it a go. I wish them much success and I love the name. xo Diana

  2. Best wishes to your son and DIL. With your recipes, Patsy, it has to be a success. I am sure the grandma's are proud ;-). I was missing you in Blogland, guess you were busy! xo

  3. How exciting for your son and DIL. Congrats to both of them. It's hard now-a-days to find a restaurant that serves "from scratch food". I'm always on the look out for one when we are away from home. They're getting hard to come by. I'm sure they'll be a huge success!

  4. That is such great news! I'm sure Emma Ruth's will be a huge success!